1968 Gen X NIBIRUAN from 1921 in ATLANTIS 5000

144,000 Ancient 9 Ether SKY Ægiptian Atlantean [SEA] NIBIRUANS @ QHT

Eye SEE 1921 Machine Engineering [ME]  QUANTUM HARRELL TECH'S GOLDEN 9 Ether Ethereal [Eclipsed = Occulted] Underworld SKY [U.S.] Earth [Qi] Economy Kingdom of ATLANTIS 5000

Quantum Y2K Electronic SKY Compu_TAH [PTAH] UFO Inc. 

1921 Quantum Electronic DNA Mathematics of Accelerated 1968 Celestial [MAC] Mechanics from this Ascended Gen X Ægiptian [MAGE] Y2K-SKY SAGE @ QUANTUM  HARRELL TECH LLC of ATLANTIS [L.A.] 5000